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Welcome to the Bearcat & Company website.

My parents, Dean and Kristy Judy created the Bearcat Looms in 1996. My mother saw a split-loom necklace she loved and wanted to create one of her own. My father built her a little tabletop loom and she was off. Over the next few weeks my mother spent hours working on her project and my father became enthusiastic about the possibilities, starting his own project. They soon came to realize that bending over a loom was not a comfortable position. So, my dad went to the drawing board and created the Bearcat Loom.

Click here for more info about the Bearcat Looms! They wanted to have the freedom of weaving on a loom without propping it up on their laps, or working with it on the table, or having to lean over it for several hours at a time. With the loom supported by a stand, it allows you to work forward facing, and you can sit on your sofa or favorite chair. We take our looms to the park and out in nature, and have even beaded while enjoying the serene atmosphere of a winery concert.

My parents have since passed the business on to my husband and myself and we hope to find new ways to get more people around the world interested in bead weaving.

We make each loom from scratch and take pride in the workmanship and quality of each one. Since that beginning, Bearcat & Co. has also created a smaller tabletop loom, the "Bearcub Loom". We wanted to "Support People's Creativity", both young and old alike, in the art of bead weaving and design.

We hope you enjoy our site and let us know how we can further help you with your bead weaving needs. We encourage you to send us pictures of your work, so we can display them on our site. Contact Us...

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